Martin Plesch

Deputy Group leader
tel:(+420) 549 49 6961

Research Interests

My research interests include quantum protocols, for a while I focused on Quantum random number generation. Recently I am interested mostly in possible application of available small scale quantum computers. 

I am also active in many popularization activities such as the International Young Physicist's Tournament or International Junior Science Olympiad. I am also helping to run the Dionýz Ilkovič foundation supporting gifted students and their teachers and tutor. I am running a blog as well (in Slovak). 

Education/Professional history

2010 - present

Masaryk University, Marie Currie Fellow, later collaborator, on ICS since 2017

2001 – present

Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department (since 2019).


Associated Profesor title, Comenius University, Bratislava


Research stay at Clarendon laboratory, University of Oxford

2009 - 2010

University of Vienna, research stay


Ph.D. degree in physics, Institute of Physics SAS, Bratislava

2006 – present

International Young Physicists' Tournament, President since 2015


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